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Andrea Olson

You can create college-going culture! The BetterGrads Starter Kit helps you start the BetterGrads Program at your high school. Our pilot BetterGrads College 101 Program began at Granada High School and extends to other San Francisco Bay Area high schools listed on our Pilot Programs page. Look for your school! But with more then 25,000 public high schools in the US, we definitely need your help to track them all down and start new programs! If you have any questions about starting a BetterGrads program at your high school, or if you’re a high school alumni looking to reconnect with your alma mater, please feel free to contact us. How Do I Start? After browsing the BetterGrads Starter Kit, here are a few ways you can start today: “College 101″ Browse our archives of hundreds of real stories by real high school students, college students, alumni and others who promote [...]

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Kevin F. Adler and Andrea Duwel at Granada High

Since our inception in 2009, BetterGrads has always been a volunteer-run effort. We are an education startup currently based in San Francisco. No one has ever received a paycheck. And yet, more than 70 volunteers have contributed nearly 1000 full-time equivalent working days to serve more than 2000 students. These include students (high school and college), professors, school administrators, higher ed professionals, community members and others. What Is BetterGrads? Are you prepared for college? BetterGrads can help you create college-going culture at your school. We equip students and administrators with the tools they need to tap into the knowledge, connections and financial capital of past graduates and other professional networks to help students succeed in college, career and their personal lives. BetterGrads has served more than 2000 high school students through one-on-one mentoring, in-person Q&A panels, connecting students to advisers. We will continue to serve students “College 101″ on our [...]